As we mentioned in our previous post, we bought a trailer that we knew we would need to make some modifications to. Check out our previous post to read more about trailers and key things you should think of prior to purchasing!

Thankfully, our buddies over at a local machine shop are able to work welding magic! In summary, the welded modifications that we will have to make are as follows:

  • Building up the slanted dovetail (our bathroom will sit over the dovetail area)
  • Boxing out & extending the gooseneck area to fit a queen sized bed - leaving room for a short set of stairs to climb up to the bed
  • Welding a continuous angle around the entire perimeter to maximize space when studs are put in place
  • Miscellaneous welding work for cabinetry/storage

So, we started the process of pulling up all of our trailer decking. Some of these things were literal beasts to get unscrewed and off the trailer, but as always team work makes the dream work...

Brian & Skyler Thomas Tiny House

After this was done, I (Skyler) hand documented as Brian pulled all sorts of different trailer dimensions. We came back home and I modeled our trailer to include some of the modifications that were mentioned above. Much more clean when done in Revit, right?

 Revit doesn't always work for everyone, so here is what we came up with in 2D!

Skyler & Brian Tiny House Trailer

Here is where I want to make note that buying a new trailer & modifying it isn't for everyone. Brian & I know that we will be hauling our Tiny House cross-country at the very least 2 times... through the Rocky Mountains at that. We want to make sure that our trailer is as sounds as can be. For some, you may find this options expensive and/or overkill. We're firm believers in "to each their own"... different trailer options for different people, environments, etc. If you do have accessibility to a welding shop or can weld yourself, beefing up your trailer can never hurt!

We're sending this off to the shop and hope to have the trailer back in 2 weeks. At this point the actual build will begin!

Until next time...

-Brian & Sky